Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Hello everyone!

This is my first blog EVER. I always wanted to share all of the random stuff that goes on in my life with people so I decided to start this blog! 

My name is Ashavari and in case you were wondering why I picked "a--strawberry" for my domain name... it's because everytime someone introduces me to their friends or whoever, they always hear "A Strawberry" or "Strawberry" for some weird reason. Basically, it's become a rather fruity nickname that I, must admit, love so much. Hehe.

Anyway, over the past year, I've been finding all of these unique, awesome and RANDOM things at conventions I have attended, thrift stores, online and just... in your neighbourhood mall! So, I would like to show you all of these awesome items, objects, jewellery, clothes, movies, tv shows, makeup and more since people often overlook unique stuff and spend waaay too much money on mediocre things. 

SO, welcome to my life. I will share my experiences and opinions in the hopes that my blog will interest some of you :)

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