Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I just started playing SWTOR because of my friend. This is what my main character looks like and I am thinking of replicating her makeup. It's a great game!

Jedi Consular ftw! ;)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Raspberry Chocolate Makeup

Did this on my way out for dinner. Since Valentines Day is just around the corner, I decided to wear a somewhat decadent makeup look. 
I used a creamy white eyeshadow all over my lid first, then a pinkish raspberry colour on the outer corner of the lid. After that, I blended a chocolatey brown in the crease and added some more of the pink and white to make the eyes really "pop"!
I proceeded to wing out my liquid eyeliner, add mascara, fill my eyebrows and put on a nice red lipstick to finish up the look.
For the cheeks I just used a bronzer to contour and then applied a very neutral blush.

See down below to watch the video! It features some of my favourite songs:). 

Halloween Birthday Party: Moon-Wolf Goddess Edition

My birthday was SOOO much fun! Celebrated a friend's birthday at the same party and we had a blast. There was a lot of alcohol and some really fun costumes. Hehe my costume was obviously the werewolf. After watching Ginger Snaps, I was DYING to dress up as a female werewolf. Although, i guess it's arguable that I looked more like a Moon-Wolf Goddess rofl. Either way, mission accomplished ;).

Cosplay: BLACK CAT! (Fan Expo 2012)

HEY guys! Here are some photos from FanExpo 2012. This is the end result of my Black Cat cosplay!