Sunday, 1 July 2012

eBay Haul!

I love eBay! You can find a TON of unique items for VERY cheap prices and even free shipping! This is the haul-post that I promised you guys. I kid you not, I spent $35 for everything here and didn't spend a dime on shipping :):):):):). 

20-piece brush set with case

I needed a place to put my brushes for a while since mine kept collecting dust. This solved my problem! Bought it for approx $15. I kinda hate the awful pink colour but, mehhh.. no one's really going to watch me put on my makeup so I don't care. The only thing I don't really like about it is that the brushes are pretty rough. The really large brushes are fine, but the eyeshadow ones feel almost like paint brushes meant for a canvas or something. However, it does the job fairly well. I use a separate brush with softer bristles for blending while using these to apply and build colour. 'Twas a decent buy since I really needed the case.

 HelloKitty Kabuki Brush

A Hello Kitty kabuki brush! I spent approx $6 for this. I absolutely love it!!!! I rarely wear full-face makeup, but for a special night-out, I've been thinking of buying mineral foundation since I despise liquid. Of course, since I LOVE saving money.. I needed an affordable kabuki brush to go with it :P. This is awesome because it's a MAC brush and therefore, the bristles are soooo soft and they don't fall out when you apply makeup. PLUS I PAID ONLY $6 FOR IT. Yaaaay. :D 

Something to add to my pendant collection...

2 pendants with PVC choker. One is a gorgeous Fleur de Lys-inspired upside down cross and the other is an intricate Egyptian ankh. I spent $5 for each :). LOVELOVELOVE it so much. I actually wear them all the time.

Dragon Earring

Dragon earring - $4. This is obviously the COOLEST thing I bought and you already know what it is if you saw my eBay haul teaser. Yup, this is DEFINITELY my all-time favourite earring! I`m such a nerd... I had to name this little dragon Elwing :$. She is my little pet that accompanies me whenever I go out. Hehe

Well, that's the end of my haul! I actually ordered a few more things from eBay but I`ll talk about those another time ^_^.
Have a nice day <3.

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  1. Hey ^^ Do you have a link for the awesome dragon earring?