Monday, 17 December 2012


I never ever thought that I would find myself in this dilemma. There is a formal event coming up in January, and I am required to wear a LONG dress. I have to say, long dresses are nearly impossible to find in stores! I've looked everywhere (except for the super expensive places) and all I could find are short, clubbing dresses.
Now, the whole club look is just not my style. I know many people are into that, but I'm not one of them.
So what I did was this:
I went on ebay and browsed for a while. I found SOOO many great things and ended up making 4 impulsive purchases haha! This is what I bought, and I hope it comes in the mail soon! 

PVC Bond Girl

This is a sexy PVC-looking dress. It's not actual 
PVC, but it's made of a sort of ninja-material that hugs the body and gives it that leather-ish/PVC look. 
Don't judge me... lol.
I know it's quite fetishy and the slit is very high, but I love it. I really wanted a leather-looking dress... and this style seems to suit my style. 
The slit is kind of daring, but I don't think it'll be too bad with leggings and some knee-high boots. 

                                      Classic Seductress


This is the first one that I fell in love this. I think it's SO sexy because it's modest and yet revealing. It has that sheer material around the neck, in the back and along the side and I just love how fitting it is and how mysterious it looks.

^So, I'm debating between these two. Not sure if I should go for the statement choice or the classic, mysterious one.


These next two purchases are awesome but... I bought them TOTALLY impulsively. Like, they're short dresses for one thing... 


So, I know I said the club-style is not really my style.. but... I ADORE THE BACK!!! It looks like an unlaced corset and I just love the one-shoulder thing too. Argh, I had to. I don't wear much colour but... this blue... is just..;.. so purtty!! And personally, I wouldn't mind adding some colour to my wardrobe :). 

Poor Maiden

Here's another that I absolutely adore! Honestly, I'd wear something like this on a daily basis! It kind of looks medieval-ish with bell sleeves and the chainmail lace-up thing it has going on there. Also, I've been getting into steampunk a lot more so I really don't mind having more browns in my wardrobe. This model is 6'2 and I'm 5'2, so this would be a proper dress on me hehe. Can't wait to receive it!!!! I just love it :3 .