Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fae-Inspired Makeup: The Wood

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in a while because I'm a failure.. but whatever lol. I swear this blog is still alive!
So, here's a makeup look for all of you. This one is inspired by wood fae creatures.

I put a creamy yellow tone on my eyelids and a light green on the crease. After blending, I added a light teal eyeliner and some mascara. For the cheeks, I applied some bronzer and a neutral orangey-brown blush which I matched with an orange lip. That's all, pretty simple.

After, I decided to apply LimeCrime's Serpentina lip colour to my lips for a more gothic, dark fae look.

I like how both turned out. I simply HAD to use that LimeCrime ipstick since it just shipped in :).