Monday, 17 December 2012


I never ever thought that I would find myself in this dilemma. There is a formal event coming up in January, and I am required to wear a LONG dress. I have to say, long dresses are nearly impossible to find in stores! I've looked everywhere (except for the super expensive places) and all I could find are short, clubbing dresses.
Now, the whole club look is just not my style. I know many people are into that, but I'm not one of them.
So what I did was this:
I went on ebay and browsed for a while. I found SOOO many great things and ended up making 4 impulsive purchases haha! This is what I bought, and I hope it comes in the mail soon! 

PVC Bond Girl

This is a sexy PVC-looking dress. It's not actual 
PVC, but it's made of a sort of ninja-material that hugs the body and gives it that leather-ish/PVC look. 
Don't judge me... lol.
I know it's quite fetishy and the slit is very high, but I love it. I really wanted a leather-looking dress... and this style seems to suit my style. 
The slit is kind of daring, but I don't think it'll be too bad with leggings and some knee-high boots. 

                                      Classic Seductress


This is the first one that I fell in love this. I think it's SO sexy because it's modest and yet revealing. It has that sheer material around the neck, in the back and along the side and I just love how fitting it is and how mysterious it looks.

^So, I'm debating between these two. Not sure if I should go for the statement choice or the classic, mysterious one.


These next two purchases are awesome but... I bought them TOTALLY impulsively. Like, they're short dresses for one thing... 


So, I know I said the club-style is not really my style.. but... I ADORE THE BACK!!! It looks like an unlaced corset and I just love the one-shoulder thing too. Argh, I had to. I don't wear much colour but... this blue... is just..;.. so purtty!! And personally, I wouldn't mind adding some colour to my wardrobe :). 

Poor Maiden

Here's another that I absolutely adore! Honestly, I'd wear something like this on a daily basis! It kind of looks medieval-ish with bell sleeves and the chainmail lace-up thing it has going on there. Also, I've been getting into steampunk a lot more so I really don't mind having more browns in my wardrobe. This model is 6'2 and I'm 5'2, so this would be a proper dress on me hehe. Can't wait to receive it!!!! I just love it :3 .

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Get Ready With Me: Steampunk-Casual

Well, not reaaally... it's just a look inspired by the steampunk subculture. I started out with a black smokey eye and then added this really gold shimmer thing to my eyes. It made my eyes SUPER shiny, so I patted it down with whatever black was left on my brush and that's how I achieved this metallic, smokey eye :).
For the lips, I tried that "ombre" thing with Electra and Almost Black by Nyx.
It went with my steampunk-casual outfit pretty well ;). Also, the rustiness of this makeup really makes me think of anything and everything steamy.
Enjoy the music! ^_^

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Black Lipstick 101

I'm sure you've noticed that dark and strange lipstick colours are starting to get very trendy. Whether it's high fashion or adding 'edge' to your look, black seems to be universal! 
Halloween JUST finished but the season isn't done yet ;). If you browse through some drugstores, department stores or costume shops that are still open, I'm sure you'll find black lipsticks on sale. 

Step 1:


There's no particular formula specifically for the lips, so any black eyeliner will do! It's pretty cheap and easy to find. Outline your lips bravely!

Step 2:


If your black lipstick starts to smudge and smear during the day, you don't want to see that natural tone underneath. That would look kinda gross. Fill in your lips decadently!  

Step 3: 


This is actually pretty important. When you apply black lipstick straight from the tube, it can get REALLY messy and black is pretty hard to clean up if you have foundation/concealer/powder/etc on your face. Also, you don't want to apply too much. Take a brush and dab it on the tube and then slowly spread it around your lips. If you're in a hurry, apply the lipstick (straight from the tube) to the center of your lips and then spread it out with a lipbrush. This technique is clean and efficient ;).

*Note: you do not have to chose a true black shade. If black-black is not your thing or you're trying to "break into" the black lipstick trend, go for a very dark shade that is almost black. Dark purples and dark browns are a good start. Nyx has a really nice shade called 'Almost Black' (lol) and it's more of a brownish purple-black :p. In my opinion, it is pretty ideal. 

Step 4:


Ehh this step is optional, but if you'd like, take a light concealer and highlight the cupids bow or just outline around your lips. It will make the black "pop" and will keep everything in place. 

Step 5:


Once again, an important step! You do NOT want excess black lipstick on your face. Trust me, it is SO messy. Pucker your lips and make an "oo" shape and gently suck on one of your fingers. I know this sounds sexual, but it's really just to ensure that you won't get lipstick on your teeth. After you do this, take some tissue and with lips parted, press it lightly on your lips.

Done ;)

Now you know how to put it on... but what the hell kinda makeup can you wear this with?! :O
Alright, so these are just tips. It is completely optional; I really don't care what you do to your face but these are things that I find look best with black lipstick.

i) The "no-makeup" look. Now, because black is so bold, I wouldn't recommend not wearing any makeup at all. The thing is, if you have a lot of redness or dark circles and blemishes that distract from the features of your face, the black lipstick kind of looks dirty. Idk why, it just does and it's not pleasant. Just conceal, powder and add the black lips! This look is very casual. Your face looks bright and the lips add the edge you desire!

ii) A dark/bold eyebrow. IMO, this looks BEST with black lipstick. No matter your hair colour, use black to fill in and shape your brows. Do NOTHING else to your face (except conceal/powder/w.e) and add those sexy black lips. If you'd like, contour a little but I'd stay away from blush if. Well, idk... i don't know too much about blush since I don't wear it. But yeah, you get the idea. No eyeshadow... just the bold eyebrow and bold lip. This look goes with any outfit. You can wear it on something fancy or something casual... it really darkens your features and defines "sexy" on a whole new level!

iii) Cat liner. Use your favourite liquid liner to line your eyes as you normally would and then wing the ends. Remember, this takes a steady hand a lot of practice! The pen-liners make it a lot easier if you have trouble. Be as dramatic as you want with the liner! Take a pencil liner and add it to the waterline. Fill in your brows as you please and pop on those black lips. Mwah! 

iv) Pin-it up! Familiar with the 1950s and Old Hollywood glamour? Well, fuck the red lipstick and sultry eyeshadows. Take a grey eyeshadow and apply it to your crease (cut-crease or well blended... whatever you want!). Highlight the inner corners and brow bone with your favourite ivory. As for the rest of the look, do as they do in the 1950s: winged liner; arched, well filled-in brows, blush, highlight, SEX! Add those black lips and you're done :). This is a very classic and edgy look.

v) Smokey eyes. Add some pencil eyeliner to your lids. Blend it out with a fluffy brush. Take the same pencil eyeliner and add it to your waterline. Apply liquid eyeliner and black lipstick and you're done :). This is a very basic gothic look. 

vi) Rainbow eyes. Are you bored of all the monotone makeup looks I suggested? I don't blame you. I mean, they're my favourites but ehhhhhh I understand that not everyone is as boring as I am :p . GO ALL OUT with colour. Do a rainbow pattern on your eyes, wing out some liquid liner, add glitter and whatever else you want! Wear your favourite blush, add those black lips and that's it! Happy, edgy, hot!

vii) Gradient eyes and lots of black liquid liner! Contrary to what I said before, black lips don't really good with colourful eyeshadow by itself. The rainbow eyes are an exception because it's SUPER bold. It's really wacky and black lips DO look good with eccentricity. However, if you try to do like, a green and blue eye... don't expect black lips to look that great with it. Unless the colours are really bright and shimmery and you load on the black eyeliner and make it really, REALLY dramatic. If you're going to do any kind of gradient on your eye, make sure you have some bold liquid liner balancing it out. You want to draw attention to your eyes, but you want to keep the darkness and edge. Furthermore, you do NOT want to look awkward. Eyeliner is a really good way to get around that. 

viii) Solid colour; cat-eye crease. Choose ONE (only one****) shade and apply it to the inner half of your eye. Take a black and apply it to the outer half of your eye. Create the shape you want and then blend it with a fluffy blush. Use tape if you want a sharp line. Apply liquid liner, black lips and you're done :). This look can be pretty fancy. I find that a shimmery pink or gold in the inner half of the eye looks really good here.

Anyway, these are my tips for wearing and pulling off black lipstick. Don't feel limited to them, you can do whatever you want. You never know what looks best on you unless you experiment a little.... so have fun and express your edginess in any way you desire! I hope this was at least helpful to you :D

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Get Ready With Me: My Everyday Makeup!

In case you guys were wondering how I do my makeup... here's a little video! Not sure if I should upload more like these...hmm...
I feel silly. Also, NEVER use an unsharpened eyeliner pencil on your eye. I did because I'm stupid and lazy. Just don't do it lol!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dramatic Makeup: Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy)

I finished watching Ergo Proxy a little while ago, and I must say, I absolutely LOVE the show. The concept of this anime is quite philosophical and it revolves around the ideas of Renee Descartes, particularly the phrase, "Cogito Ergo Sum" (which means "I think, therefore, I am"). It's post-apocalyptic, artfully done and the characters are engaging individuals with layers to their personalities. The protagonist is a girl named Re-L Mayer and as you can see, Re-L is a play-on word for real. She is definitely the most 'real' character among all the rest. I love how badass she is! 

"There is no meaning in conflict, but there is meaning in destruction"

Monday, 24 September 2012

OOTD: Autumn's Mourning

 Wo0t! I'm so happy that it's late September! I love Fall season...especially with Halloween just around the corner.
Time for me to be watching some good ol' horror movies. Maybe I'll review some of them or just post my favourites.
I went shopping recently and this is a wonderful coat I purchased. It's military with a hint of lolita-esque elegance. I am absolutely in love with it. Also, I've been rocking some black lipstick for everyday wear. I guess you can say that I enjoy statement fashion :3.

 "My sorrow, when she's here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be; she loves the bare, the withered tree; she walks the sodden pasture lane"

Friday, 7 September 2012

Wearable Makeup: Sunset Mission

I've been listening to Sunset Mission by Bohren & Der Club of Gore a lot lately. I love it because it's just so smooth, dark, jazzy and sexy - a great soundtrack for my late-night candle-lit bubble baths.

Inspired by the album cover, here is a very simple makeup look that I think portrays the look and feel of this album.
                                    "When the sun has set, no candle can replace it."

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fan Expo 2012

HEY GUYS! I haven't posted in a while... but that's because I've been really busy getting ready to go back to uni and also just partying and enjoying the last week of my summer :)
Fan Expo was the weekend that just went by and I have to say, it was the highlight of my summer! 
As you may know from a previous post, I decided to cosplay as Black Cat from Spider-man. This is definitely my most successful cosplay yet. I was really surprised that people actually liked my costume and took sooo many photos. I was seriously NOT expecting that at all :O but it made me soooo happy! 

Here are some pictures from the con:

This photo was taken for the purpose of the storyline. This isn't my boyfriend, it's just some guy dressed up as Spiderman :P. If you guys don't know about the relationship between Black Cat and Spiderman, YOU HAVE TO GOOGLE IT RIGHT NOW! It's pretty interesting hehe. 
Some AMAZING, OVER-THE-TOP cosplays! The bunny from Donnie Darko and the BEST BANE COSPLAY EVER! I had to get a picture with him. He looks so legit!
Pretty awesome Joker costume, even though the hair isn't too accurate. This man has the perfect Joker-face :).
more Batman villains! 
Jessica Rabbit, Zelda & Link, and GINGY FROM SHREK :)
This is just a picture of some of the merch. On the left is an awesome book that goes through every detail in the game about Okami (including art-styles and story). Middle picture is a really cute pikachu-thing...and... MIKUMIKUMIKUMIKU (if you aren't familiar with Hatsune Miku, go on youtube right now and embrace the sickening joy).
Shyvanna, Katarina and Sona from League of Legends :)
Scorpion and Sub-Zero. YAY, MORTAL KOMBAT :D
Great Jade cosplay (Mortal Kombat)
A glimpse of the horror expo!

 and I took WAAAAAAAAAAY more pictures, but ugh.. it would be too much to upload here. I just picked out the best photos and edited them a little bit :).

All in all, I had sooo much fun! I spent a bit under $200 on merch. I've been going crazy about decorating my room lately, so my main purpose for going this year (aside from cosplaying), was to pick  up some art and posters and things for my room :D. 
I MAY post my Fan Expo haul later; I'm just not too sure at the moment.

Anyway, have a wonderful week, ladies and gents! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Product Review: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Today I'm going to be doing a product review on L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes
My cousin once used it on me when she was doing my makeup and I was really impressed by it.  I decided to go and by it for myself to see how the quality of it really is. 
So the packaging looks like this. Sorry, i didn't take a picture of the wand but it's quite thick and it's very easy to separate your lashes. This mascara HONESTLY makes your lashes like, 10x longer and it goes on very, VERY dark. It's one of the BLACKEST mascaras I've tried! I really love it. It makes your eyes stand out a LOT and sometimes, I'd go out with no eyeliner, and my eyes would still be the focus on my face because of this awesome mascara! is a "before" picture. I just have eyeliner on, NOTHING else. As you can see, my eyelashes are a decent length already but it doesn't stand out at all. 

These are "after" shots! I didn't curl my lashes but LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE, zOMG.  I only used ONE coat. You really do NOT need more than one coat, I swear! As you can see, my eyelashes are super long now and a lot fiercer. It really stands out and gives you that "fluttery" eye-look ;). Hehe. 

I only have a couple bad things to say about this product. The website says that it's clump-free, but it DOES get a little clumpy on the ends. I've never experienced "spider-lashes" with this mascara. So it's decent, but if I apply too much on one spot, it does clump a little on the ends and you have to really go at it in order to even it out lol. Also, it doesn't make your eyes look natural, so if you want that natural-eyelash look then this mascara is NOT for you! It doesn't smear much (which is great!) but it does flake off a bit. I haven't experienced any MAJOR flaking, so that's good. It usually only happens when I put the mascara under my eyes, anyway :p lol. 

Also, some other people have said that they experienced eyelash loss when using this product. 
Ummmmm, I haven't experienced that at all! This is a step up from any other mascara that I've ever used. Tbh, I think you'd only lose eyelashes if you aren't gentle with your makeup remover.

I use a cotton ball and Ponds Cold Cream to gently scrub it off. You really have to make sure that you don't pull at it, because this formula makes your eyelashes hard, so if you pull too much or scrape or anything like that, your eyelashes WILL fall out. 

Anyway, all in all.. I LOVE this product and I'm going to keep using it! 
It's also like, $8 at Shoppers so that's a BONUS ^_^


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

FanExpo 2012 Cosplay: Black Cat!

So, FanExpo is just around the corner and I've been getting my cosplay ready! This is actually my "backup" costume. I ordered a PVC catsuit from eBay, but the first order got lost and the lady resent it to me. I'm kind of worried it won't come on time or it will get lost again. This is what I intend to wear if that situation arises.
I will be cosplaying as Black Cat from Marvel's Spider-Man series! She is absolutely in love with Spider-Man and is a totally sexy cat burglar who can't really be with him due to her bad luck. She is often portrayed as a villain and I thought it would be fun to cosplay her! 
All I need to do is receive my ACTUAL catsuit, add the fur trim and make a superhero mask! :D:D 
"Me? I'm Black Cat and I just crossed your path. Now if you'll excuse me..." 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

OOTD: The Witching Hour

I found this gorgeous medieval-inspired dress at a thrift store for approx $8! It's loose around the waist but there is a cord that you can lace up at the back in order to make it fit right. I love it. It's quite warm and heavy so it's not really something I'd wear in the summer.
Today was different, though. I was feeling a little magical and enjoyed my evening frolicking among willow trees. 
"When the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East...
When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves..."

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Batman Series Makeup: Abused Harley Quinn

Just having some fun :). This look is a little bit messy, so I'm calling it the "abused" Harley Quinn look. Lol.
"You know, for what it's worth, I actually enjoyed some of our romps, but there comes a time when a gal wants more. And now, all this gal wants is to settle down with her lovin' sweetheart."

Batman Series Makeup: The Joker-inspired

Are you having a Batman marathon before The Dark Knight Rises comes out?! Maybe you feel like rocking a Batman tee with Joker art and Joker accessories, if that's your thing. I was having a marathon, but I was only wearing a black tank top and black shorts, so I decided to express my love for the Batman series with my makeup! 
This one's inspired by the Joker. It's kind of dramatic because of all the bright colours and eyeliner, but it's still fairly wearable.

A bright green shade on the inner half of my lid (as well as some green liner on the waterline. A bright purple shade on the outer half of the lid and in the crease. A blackish-purple shade to line under the eyes. Dramatic winged eyeliner with the wing reaching the end of my eyebrow and a sheer red lipstick that makes it a tad less clown-ish and a lot more wearable. (Hey, if you feel like going ALL out, I would recommend smoking some black pencil liner under the eye and wearing a BRIGHT red lipstick). It's up to you :p...this is just the look I felt like wearing.

Going for the midnight preview!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee :).

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cosmetics for MAH FACE.

Now here's the thing...
because it's heavy,  because it's cakey, because it's hard to find the right shade, the pigmentation looks awful under different light and it dries out my skin!!!!

SO.. I've been doing some research :)
I have fairly good, normal skin. Never had acne, my face is pretty soft and not too oily. The only thing is that i have a couple red patches, some lines that separate the darker areas of my face (my t-zone) from the lighter areas of my face (cheeks, temples, chin) and..ehh, a lot of redness under my eyes because i've been wearing black eyeliner since grade 9 and I've never been too gentle with the area under my eyes.. :p
I used concealer and colour correctors for a while.. but honestly? Even that can get a little too heavy and it doesn't really smooth out my face. PLUS, I already told you about how much I hate liquid foundation.
I was debating whether I should get a mineral powder or BB cream after browsing through products that's supposed to even out your skintone...
Thing is, I'm pretty cheap and I don't want to waste money on a brand that's waaaaayyy too high-end. So you can imagine, it's fairly difficult to find a decent product within my budget. 
After doing some research on mineral powder foundations, I figured that the best I'd find is L'Oreal True Match Minerals.

Surprisingly enough, I actually own the product in a SUPER light shade for when I was cosplaying as Selene from Underworld for FanExpo 2011.
Thing is, it can get SOOOO cakey. It's really hard to control because it's SO pigmented and it goes on really thick. Also, the packaging is really crappy.
 I have no idea how, but a SHIT-TON of powder somehow got through the sifter and is sitting on top of it. It's hard to tap a little out because it just goes EVERYWHERE and it's sooo messy. I don't really like it.. even though mineral makeup is supposed to be really good! I also find that it dries out my skin just as much as liquid foundation does. Yuck. 

SO, of course... I decided to do some research on BB Creams and VOILA! This is what I've settled with:

Marcelle's BB Cream! I absolutely LOVE this product. The BB cream does exactly what I need it to do! The lines are completely unnoticeable and the redness seems to vanish too! The only red spot on my face with this product on is a little zit that came up a little while ago :p... but i don't really care about that. BB creams can act as a base, so if needed, one can always put on some concealer for extra coverage and then set with a powder! ^_^
I really love that this is light-weight. I can't even feel it on my face (as opposed to whenever I wore liquid) and my skin feels really fresh! With this, my pores aren't too enahnced either :p. 
I was really happy when I bought this because I went to the drugstore on a day that it was on sale for $16.00! What a steal ;)

The BB cream makes my skin really shiny and almost oily-looking because it IS a moisturiser as well. I researched different finishing/setting powders and I am SO satisfied with the one I bought.

There's 70 GRAMS of powder in Marcelle's Translucent powder. 
You don't understand... there's....
That is SOOO MUCH because you really do NOT need a lot of powder to mattify your entire face.
And guess what?!?!
I paid only $14.00 for it! 
You really get your money's worth. I mean, seriously! Makeup Forever's $40 one only comes in a 10-15g jar. That's really expensive for such a small amount! Marcelle's formula is actually VERY good and the fact that you get so much for very little money is a big, Big, BIG selling factor for me! 
Fuck Makeup Forever, Covergirl, Rimmel, Mac, and any other brand. MARCELLE IS THE BOMB! :D [at least when it comes to your face ^_^]

I am so satisfied. BB creams and translucent powders are definitely my go-to face makeup from now on!
I hope to try the E.L.F. products one day, but they don't sell in North America :(:(:(. I'll have to wait a while for that, but for now.. this is GOOD :). I'm happy.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dramatic Makeup: Cheshire Cat

I was wearing my black and white leggings so I felt all Alice-like. Had some extra time before I left my house, so I did this semi-dramatic makeup look inspired by the Cheshire Cat! :) 
Having a bad hair day, so I'm not posting a picture of my entire face with this makeup lol...;p

"Somehow you strayed and lost your way, and now there'll be no time to play, no time for joy, no time for friends - not even time to make amends. You are too na├»ve if you do believe life is innocent laughter and fun. "

Sunday, 1 July 2012

eBay Haul!

I love eBay! You can find a TON of unique items for VERY cheap prices and even free shipping! This is the haul-post that I promised you guys. I kid you not, I spent $35 for everything here and didn't spend a dime on shipping :):):):):). 

20-piece brush set with case

I needed a place to put my brushes for a while since mine kept collecting dust. This solved my problem! Bought it for approx $15. I kinda hate the awful pink colour but, mehhh.. no one's really going to watch me put on my makeup so I don't care. The only thing I don't really like about it is that the brushes are pretty rough. The really large brushes are fine, but the eyeshadow ones feel almost like paint brushes meant for a canvas or something. However, it does the job fairly well. I use a separate brush with softer bristles for blending while using these to apply and build colour. 'Twas a decent buy since I really needed the case.

 HelloKitty Kabuki Brush

A Hello Kitty kabuki brush! I spent approx $6 for this. I absolutely love it!!!! I rarely wear full-face makeup, but for a special night-out, I've been thinking of buying mineral foundation since I despise liquid. Of course, since I LOVE saving money.. I needed an affordable kabuki brush to go with it :P. This is awesome because it's a MAC brush and therefore, the bristles are soooo soft and they don't fall out when you apply makeup. PLUS I PAID ONLY $6 FOR IT. Yaaaay. :D 

Something to add to my pendant collection...

2 pendants with PVC choker. One is a gorgeous Fleur de Lys-inspired upside down cross and the other is an intricate Egyptian ankh. I spent $5 for each :). LOVELOVELOVE it so much. I actually wear them all the time.

Dragon Earring

Dragon earring - $4. This is obviously the COOLEST thing I bought and you already know what it is if you saw my eBay haul teaser. Yup, this is DEFINITELY my all-time favourite earring! I`m such a nerd... I had to name this little dragon Elwing :$. She is my little pet that accompanies me whenever I go out. Hehe

Well, that's the end of my haul! I actually ordered a few more things from eBay but I`ll talk about those another time ^_^.
Have a nice day <3.