Thursday, 15 November 2012

Get Ready With Me: Steampunk-Casual

Well, not reaaally... it's just a look inspired by the steampunk subculture. I started out with a black smokey eye and then added this really gold shimmer thing to my eyes. It made my eyes SUPER shiny, so I patted it down with whatever black was left on my brush and that's how I achieved this metallic, smokey eye :).
For the lips, I tried that "ombre" thing with Electra and Almost Black by Nyx.
It went with my steampunk-casual outfit pretty well ;). Also, the rustiness of this makeup really makes me think of anything and everything steamy.
Enjoy the music! ^_^

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Black Lipstick 101

I'm sure you've noticed that dark and strange lipstick colours are starting to get very trendy. Whether it's high fashion or adding 'edge' to your look, black seems to be universal! 
Halloween JUST finished but the season isn't done yet ;). If you browse through some drugstores, department stores or costume shops that are still open, I'm sure you'll find black lipsticks on sale. 

Step 1:


There's no particular formula specifically for the lips, so any black eyeliner will do! It's pretty cheap and easy to find. Outline your lips bravely!

Step 2:


If your black lipstick starts to smudge and smear during the day, you don't want to see that natural tone underneath. That would look kinda gross. Fill in your lips decadently!  

Step 3: 


This is actually pretty important. When you apply black lipstick straight from the tube, it can get REALLY messy and black is pretty hard to clean up if you have foundation/concealer/powder/etc on your face. Also, you don't want to apply too much. Take a brush and dab it on the tube and then slowly spread it around your lips. If you're in a hurry, apply the lipstick (straight from the tube) to the center of your lips and then spread it out with a lipbrush. This technique is clean and efficient ;).

*Note: you do not have to chose a true black shade. If black-black is not your thing or you're trying to "break into" the black lipstick trend, go for a very dark shade that is almost black. Dark purples and dark browns are a good start. Nyx has a really nice shade called 'Almost Black' (lol) and it's more of a brownish purple-black :p. In my opinion, it is pretty ideal. 

Step 4:


Ehh this step is optional, but if you'd like, take a light concealer and highlight the cupids bow or just outline around your lips. It will make the black "pop" and will keep everything in place. 

Step 5:


Once again, an important step! You do NOT want excess black lipstick on your face. Trust me, it is SO messy. Pucker your lips and make an "oo" shape and gently suck on one of your fingers. I know this sounds sexual, but it's really just to ensure that you won't get lipstick on your teeth. After you do this, take some tissue and with lips parted, press it lightly on your lips.

Done ;)

Now you know how to put it on... but what the hell kinda makeup can you wear this with?! :O
Alright, so these are just tips. It is completely optional; I really don't care what you do to your face but these are things that I find look best with black lipstick.

i) The "no-makeup" look. Now, because black is so bold, I wouldn't recommend not wearing any makeup at all. The thing is, if you have a lot of redness or dark circles and blemishes that distract from the features of your face, the black lipstick kind of looks dirty. Idk why, it just does and it's not pleasant. Just conceal, powder and add the black lips! This look is very casual. Your face looks bright and the lips add the edge you desire!

ii) A dark/bold eyebrow. IMO, this looks BEST with black lipstick. No matter your hair colour, use black to fill in and shape your brows. Do NOTHING else to your face (except conceal/powder/w.e) and add those sexy black lips. If you'd like, contour a little but I'd stay away from blush if. Well, idk... i don't know too much about blush since I don't wear it. But yeah, you get the idea. No eyeshadow... just the bold eyebrow and bold lip. This look goes with any outfit. You can wear it on something fancy or something casual... it really darkens your features and defines "sexy" on a whole new level!

iii) Cat liner. Use your favourite liquid liner to line your eyes as you normally would and then wing the ends. Remember, this takes a steady hand a lot of practice! The pen-liners make it a lot easier if you have trouble. Be as dramatic as you want with the liner! Take a pencil liner and add it to the waterline. Fill in your brows as you please and pop on those black lips. Mwah! 

iv) Pin-it up! Familiar with the 1950s and Old Hollywood glamour? Well, fuck the red lipstick and sultry eyeshadows. Take a grey eyeshadow and apply it to your crease (cut-crease or well blended... whatever you want!). Highlight the inner corners and brow bone with your favourite ivory. As for the rest of the look, do as they do in the 1950s: winged liner; arched, well filled-in brows, blush, highlight, SEX! Add those black lips and you're done :). This is a very classic and edgy look.

v) Smokey eyes. Add some pencil eyeliner to your lids. Blend it out with a fluffy brush. Take the same pencil eyeliner and add it to your waterline. Apply liquid eyeliner and black lipstick and you're done :). This is a very basic gothic look. 

vi) Rainbow eyes. Are you bored of all the monotone makeup looks I suggested? I don't blame you. I mean, they're my favourites but ehhhhhh I understand that not everyone is as boring as I am :p . GO ALL OUT with colour. Do a rainbow pattern on your eyes, wing out some liquid liner, add glitter and whatever else you want! Wear your favourite blush, add those black lips and that's it! Happy, edgy, hot!

vii) Gradient eyes and lots of black liquid liner! Contrary to what I said before, black lips don't really good with colourful eyeshadow by itself. The rainbow eyes are an exception because it's SUPER bold. It's really wacky and black lips DO look good with eccentricity. However, if you try to do like, a green and blue eye... don't expect black lips to look that great with it. Unless the colours are really bright and shimmery and you load on the black eyeliner and make it really, REALLY dramatic. If you're going to do any kind of gradient on your eye, make sure you have some bold liquid liner balancing it out. You want to draw attention to your eyes, but you want to keep the darkness and edge. Furthermore, you do NOT want to look awkward. Eyeliner is a really good way to get around that. 

viii) Solid colour; cat-eye crease. Choose ONE (only one****) shade and apply it to the inner half of your eye. Take a black and apply it to the outer half of your eye. Create the shape you want and then blend it with a fluffy blush. Use tape if you want a sharp line. Apply liquid liner, black lips and you're done :). This look can be pretty fancy. I find that a shimmery pink or gold in the inner half of the eye looks really good here.

Anyway, these are my tips for wearing and pulling off black lipstick. Don't feel limited to them, you can do whatever you want. You never know what looks best on you unless you experiment a little.... so have fun and express your edginess in any way you desire! I hope this was at least helpful to you :D