Wednesday, 1 August 2012

FanExpo 2012 Cosplay: Black Cat!

So, FanExpo is just around the corner and I've been getting my cosplay ready! This is actually my "backup" costume. I ordered a PVC catsuit from eBay, but the first order got lost and the lady resent it to me. I'm kind of worried it won't come on time or it will get lost again. This is what I intend to wear if that situation arises.
I will be cosplaying as Black Cat from Marvel's Spider-Man series! She is absolutely in love with Spider-Man and is a totally sexy cat burglar who can't really be with him due to her bad luck. She is often portrayed as a villain and I thought it would be fun to cosplay her! 
All I need to do is receive my ACTUAL catsuit, add the fur trim and make a superhero mask! :D:D 
"Me? I'm Black Cat and I just crossed your path. Now if you'll excuse me..."