Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Batman Series Makeup: The Joker-inspired

Are you having a Batman marathon before The Dark Knight Rises comes out?! Maybe you feel like rocking a Batman tee with Joker art and Joker accessories, if that's your thing. I was having a marathon, but I was only wearing a black tank top and black shorts, so I decided to express my love for the Batman series with my makeup! 
This one's inspired by the Joker. It's kind of dramatic because of all the bright colours and eyeliner, but it's still fairly wearable.

A bright green shade on the inner half of my lid (as well as some green liner on the waterline. A bright purple shade on the outer half of the lid and in the crease. A blackish-purple shade to line under the eyes. Dramatic winged eyeliner with the wing reaching the end of my eyebrow and a sheer red lipstick that makes it a tad less clown-ish and a lot more wearable. (Hey, if you feel like going ALL out, I would recommend smoking some black pencil liner under the eye and wearing a BRIGHT red lipstick). It's up to you :p...this is just the look I felt like wearing.

Going for the midnight preview!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee :).

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