Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cosmetics for MAH FACE.

Now here's the thing...
because it's heavy,  because it's cakey, because it's hard to find the right shade, the pigmentation looks awful under different light and it dries out my skin!!!!

SO.. I've been doing some research :)
I have fairly good, normal skin. Never had acne, my face is pretty soft and not too oily. The only thing is that i have a couple red patches, some lines that separate the darker areas of my face (my t-zone) from the lighter areas of my face (cheeks, temples, chin) and..ehh, a lot of redness under my eyes because i've been wearing black eyeliner since grade 9 and I've never been too gentle with the area under my eyes.. :p
I used concealer and colour correctors for a while.. but honestly? Even that can get a little too heavy and it doesn't really smooth out my face. PLUS, I already told you about how much I hate liquid foundation.
I was debating whether I should get a mineral powder or BB cream after browsing through products that's supposed to even out your skintone...
Thing is, I'm pretty cheap and I don't want to waste money on a brand that's waaaaayyy too high-end. So you can imagine, it's fairly difficult to find a decent product within my budget. 
After doing some research on mineral powder foundations, I figured that the best I'd find is L'Oreal True Match Minerals.

Surprisingly enough, I actually own the product in a SUPER light shade for when I was cosplaying as Selene from Underworld for FanExpo 2011.
Thing is, it can get SOOOO cakey. It's really hard to control because it's SO pigmented and it goes on really thick. Also, the packaging is really crappy.
 I have no idea how, but a SHIT-TON of powder somehow got through the sifter and is sitting on top of it. It's hard to tap a little out because it just goes EVERYWHERE and it's sooo messy. I don't really like it.. even though mineral makeup is supposed to be really good! I also find that it dries out my skin just as much as liquid foundation does. Yuck. 

SO, of course... I decided to do some research on BB Creams and VOILA! This is what I've settled with:

Marcelle's BB Cream! I absolutely LOVE this product. The BB cream does exactly what I need it to do! The lines are completely unnoticeable and the redness seems to vanish too! The only red spot on my face with this product on is a little zit that came up a little while ago :p... but i don't really care about that. BB creams can act as a base, so if needed, one can always put on some concealer for extra coverage and then set with a powder! ^_^
I really love that this is light-weight. I can't even feel it on my face (as opposed to whenever I wore liquid) and my skin feels really fresh! With this, my pores aren't too enahnced either :p. 
I was really happy when I bought this because I went to the drugstore on a day that it was on sale for $16.00! What a steal ;)

The BB cream makes my skin really shiny and almost oily-looking because it IS a moisturiser as well. I researched different finishing/setting powders and I am SO satisfied with the one I bought.

There's 70 GRAMS of powder in Marcelle's Translucent powder. 
You don't understand... there's....
That is SOOO MUCH because you really do NOT need a lot of powder to mattify your entire face.
And guess what?!?!
I paid only $14.00 for it! 
You really get your money's worth. I mean, seriously! Makeup Forever's $40 one only comes in a 10-15g jar. That's really expensive for such a small amount! Marcelle's formula is actually VERY good and the fact that you get so much for very little money is a big, Big, BIG selling factor for me! 
Fuck Makeup Forever, Covergirl, Rimmel, Mac, and any other brand. MARCELLE IS THE BOMB! :D [at least when it comes to your face ^_^]

I am so satisfied. BB creams and translucent powders are definitely my go-to face makeup from now on!
I hope to try the E.L.F. products one day, but they don't sell in North America :(:(:(. I'll have to wait a while for that, but for now.. this is GOOD :). I'm happy.


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